Descendants of Hans Adam Shier



  1. Craig Shier Says:

    I have a copy of a genealogy record of “A Family from Court Mattress” The Shier’s of Brock, by Dr. Walter C. Shier, I received from Stephanie Shier Outtrim, my question is, is there a copy of this book in hard bound and or on disk, mine is three ring binder and is getting worn by family use.

  2. Larry Shier Says:

    Anne or Craig if either of you ever have copies or digital version let me know too please this would be something I would LOVE to see

  3. Jerol (Shier) Moignard Says:

    Hi Larry,

    The Internet is amazing when it comes to family genealogy! My father is Donald Murray Shier, son of Herbert R. Shier of Carnduff, Saskatchewan, although Murray lives in Calgary, Alberta, as do I. Herbert’s father was John Adam Shier, and his father was Philip Shier, and his father before him was Jacob Jr. of Adare, Ireland. Anyway, we have three or four copies of this book by Dr. Walter Shier in our possession. Once again, they are just paper copies in binders. Perhaps we need to consider a digital version, for posterity’s sake. I’d be glad to hear a bit more about your branch of the Shier family. I’d be glad to get you a copy of this book.

  4. David Keith Shier Says:

    Hi, I might be along the same lines. I have some good family trees on paper…. I thought it went like this…

    Richard came (with some brothers) and settled in Udora, Brock County, his son Jacob started a farm beside his, and his son Phillip, started a farm beside that.

    Phillip had a son Roy (another son who was killed in WWI) and he moved to Toronto be a a police officer; he had a son Keith (my father), and then there is me David Keith Shier….

    • Beverley Anne Matthews, nee Rumble Says:

      Dear David:
      I was just browsing through the Shier family tree, and came across this site. Your Grandfather Roy Shier and his wife Betty, lived in North York
      Bathurst & Wilson area, and was my Mother’s cousin. My Mother was Harriett (Hattie) Shier born in 1909 d.1977. She married my Father George Kenneth Rumble born 1911 d.1994. Her Father was Adam Wesley Shier born 1855, d. 1925. Her Mother was Christina Ferguson who died in 1918.
      I remember your Grandfather well, even though I was pretty young at the time and the last time I saw him was just before he retired from the police force. I can remember his uniform. Roy lived only a few streets down from where we lived growing up, and my mother often got together with him and his wife Betty. I think that I met your Dad Keith once or twice, but I am sure he would remember my mom. I had an older brother Peter Kenneth Rumble born 1943 d. 2007.
      I get a bit confused about who my Grandfather Adam Wesley’s 1st wife was, whereas he had Maude, Lorne, Ernie, and one or two others I can’t think of right now. His first wife had died and after he married Christina Ferguson. Ferguson V., Ellsworth, Herbert, and my mom where from that marriage. I have some great old pictures of the Shier Family, (Adam Wesley, with all his brothers and sisters, and his Dad & Mom)
      It is a very old picture, and right now it is in storage but I will definitely send you a copy of it when I clear out the unit. So your Great Grandfather Phillip would be a brother to Adam Wesley Shier, and would also be in that picture I have. It can get confusing for sure.
      Would love to hear from you. Take care

      • Doug McKague Says:

        Hi Bev, you might recall me Doug McKague, my grandmother Maude Shier was your mom’s sister. Maybe we can chat and share some memories or pics for the family trees?

      • Jason Shier Says:

        Beverly, I am the son of Phil Roy Shier of Cannington (born 1954).
        My name is Jason, and I was born in 1975 in Pembroke.
        If you could e-mail me photos I would be so happy.
        Thank you and happy new year!
        -Jason Shier

  5. David Keith Shier Says:

    I have an old newspaper article that says Richard is buried in the old Methodist cemetary in Wilfird (but haven’t found it yet). The rest of the descendants I just mentioned are buried in the Bagshaw Cemetary on the 9th line east of Udora.

    • David Shier Says:

      Hi Beverley, not sure if I replied directly to your post or not, but it would be great to get copies of the pictures either hardcopy or digital.

      My address is

      254 Osmond Crescent, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y7L2

      and email is

  6. Beverley Anne Matthews, nee Rumble Says:

    Cedarvale Cemetary near Cannington Ont. is where Adam Wesley is buried, with his first and second wife along with a big majority of the Shiers. It has been said that the Shiers kind of took over that cemetary.
    Apparently there is a monument for the elder Shier that had immigrated years ago from Limerick Ireland, and they originated from Germany way back in the 1700’s. Alsace Lorraine, and Spier (spell?) Actually I traced them back to the 1600’s which was amazing, but almost spooky.
    Bev 🙂

  7. David Keith Shier Says:

    Hi Beverley,

    Yes we are related. Roy Shier had a first wife Edith Gibson, who was the mother of Bernice Shier (married Anderson) and my father Keith. She passed away about 1941, and Roy remarried. So Betty was his second wife. I’d love to see the picture and point out the names.

    I have some pictures from Herman Shier (Roy’s brother), killed in WWI with a bullet hole through them, and there are no names on the backs so I have no idea who they all are. I think I had better scan those so they don’t get lost in history….

    Great to hear from you,

    David Shier

  8. Toni Raugust Says:

    Hello my cousins. I am Sarah Shier (conn) Kirks great great grandaughter. we link back to Hans Adam This link moved on coming to Manitoba and Sask. (Hamiota Manitoba) if you are looking for resting places is a good place to go.
    We have a rich history.

  9. Maria Shier Says:

    Hi my name is María Shier and my husband is Harry Shier he is irish and Hans Adam Shier is a parent him. I´m nicaraguan and my english is bad. I would like to have the book about the family Shier. Thank you

  10. Kathy Shier Says:

    Hi I’ve had a look at your PDF document and My family branch is shown as being deceased 5-6 generations ago . I would like to share the work put together by Dr shier of Uxbridge. I think you have some great info that be used to bring both doc’s up to date. .

    • genealogygirl Says:

      Send me what you have and I will take a look at it. Anything I have on Canadian Shiet families came from people who were researching them. I don’t think much of the Canadian stuff was ever entered into my file simply because I have never had the time. My line of Shiers came to America (NYC) long before the Shier’s that went to Canada. The two lines are related but you have to go back to Ireland and Germany to link them. I can add Canadian info to my blog as a separate file but I don’t have time to put them into my file.


  11. Kathy Shier Says:

    Hi Anne- Thanks for your response
    please see – .

    Although this work was compiled in 1944 it reflects our common ancestor .
    Adam Scheier (Shier),
    b.Rhenish Palatinate,
    emigrated August, 1709 to Limerick Irelend

    Please note that the original family surname was spelled Scheier which I am told has some meaning related to a Stoker ie someone who worked in a smithy managing the heat of the fire for the smith.. ..
    Like many other family members, I am trying to locate a copy of the Family from Court Mattress; . Do you know if there is a digital version of this anywhere?
    If not , I would gladly scan a copy and share, if someone could send me a physical copy. There are several family members here who are interested as well.. I do have many family picture – tin and card board of family that I do not have names for.

    thx, Kathy

    • Jason Shier Says:

      Hello Cathy

      I would LOVE 💘 to see the photos you have. I am new to geneailogy.
      Thank you so much
      -Jason Shier

  12. Margaret Ross Says:

    Hi My Name is Margaret Ross and my Husband’s grandmother was a St.john. The St. johns and the shiers are really intermingled along with the Sparlings.

    My Husband is descended from Jacob Shier and Anne Sparling who came to Canada in 1835, some of his family was already here. There is another cemetery near Sunderland or maybe Wilfred I believe where almost all the people are related or decended from this couple. There is also another cemetery down there called the St. Johns cemetery where a lot of my husbands relatives are buried.

    I have been through all these cemeterys with my sister in law and also the one mentioned here Cedervale.

    I have a huge amount of information on these families including some of the ones noted on here. You have given me some more information.

    Another source in information is Keith Sparlings site and if anyone would like the address I can give it to you.

    Last year a bus load of people came over from Ireland to tour the Shier sites, did any of you see it. We went and had lunch with them.

    Jacob and Ann had 85 grandchildren.

  13. Pam Says:

    Here is the link to the entire “A Family From Court Mattress”

    Shier Family History – A Family from Court Mattress

  14. Pam Says:

    That didn’t seem to work. Try this…

  15. Dawn Says:

    My name is Dawn Thompson. My granddaughter was Levina Eades(Gordon). Her mother was Margaret Gordon, who was apparently adopted). My granddaughter , Levina married James Eades and they had three daughters (Anna, Eva and Clara). I am hoping that someone out there can send me some information on any of these persons. Jacob Shier Jr. Is my sixth grandfather. If anyone knows anything please let me know. Thank you.

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