Debra Dirks has been nice enough to let me add her Shier files to my blog.  The Canadian Shiers came to North American later than my Henry Shier and his family came to New York City but they are all descended from the same Johann Adam Shier who went to Ireland in 1709.

Joseph Shier Index

Joseph Shier

Nicholas Shier Index

Nicholas Shier

Henry Shier Index

Henry Shier

Adam shier Index

Adam shier



  1. Doreen Neilley Says:

    Hey, GenealogyGirl,
    Great site. I have descendants of Johann Adam Scheuer in my ancestral background, although they are all “married ins” to my Smyths and Heavenors, so your site is of great interest to me. It is very informative and well-laid out.
    I think that your link to the Nicholas Shier pages above has gotten switched to Henry Shier’s index pages.
    I am trying to sort out the 2 marriages and 17 children of Jacob William Shier, who married Mary Supple and Catherine Heavenor. Not having much luck!
    Cheers, Doreen

  2. genealogygirl Says:

    Thanks. Yes I see the Nicholas lonk is wrong. I will work on fixing it. Thanks for telling me.

  3. Ernie Turner Says:

    While not related to me, I got a snippet of information from my barber. What I have is this; Al Shier or Shire lived in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. He was a WW2 Vet with a remarkable military record, having the record for the number of times he was drooped behind enemy lines. He played the part of a deaf mute and worked in the resistance.
    If anyone can help find this interesting person, I would be most grateful.


  4. Bonnie Vck Says:

    I was trying to read the Nicholas Shier listing but there is ony an index to Henry Shier, I think Nichoas is my grandfathers grandfather

  5. Drew McKerlie Says:

    Ah ha! I do believe I can help you here 🙂 Adam shier and Matilda Switzer if I am correct would be my 5th great grandparents

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