Transcriptions of some Burnside and Aiken letters contributed by Linda Holley


2 Responses to “Transcriptions of some Burnside and Aiken letters contributed by Linda Holley”

  1. Wendy Simpson (née Thompson) Says:

    It would be great to see the scan of the original letters!

  2. Diane McGowan Tichenor Says:

    We have just learned that our ancestor is a 37/37 Y DNA marker match with a male descendant of William Aiken and Martha Jenny Burnside. Our ancestor was born 1772 (per his tombstone & census) in Maryland, but is not William’s son. It would be helpful to see if an orphan Aiken boy was mentioned in the Burnside/Aiken letters. Can anyone tell me where these letters are housed, and if any more Irish and early immigrant research has been done on the Ancestry of this William Aiken? My ancestor was Adam McGowan, born 1772 in unknown county, Maryland. It appears from genetic testing that his original surname was Aiken/Akey, etc, but he changed it to McGowan after he became an orphan, and ran away from an indenture situation.

    Would love to hear from Aiken family members, whose family originated from Ahoghill.

    Diane McGowan Tichenor

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