A Short History of the William Aiken Family



6 Responses to “A Short History of the William Aiken Family”

  1. Sue Akin Riddle Says:

    I enjoyed reading the history of the Aiken name. My family name was Akin, but two generations before it was Aiken. My William Loyd Aiken was born in 1760 in County Antrim, Ireland. Of course, it may not be the same person, but isn’t it exciting? I have attempted to document the line from my William Loyd to my father, but to no avail.

  2. tiffany aiken Says:

    Trying to find out more of my family history if anyone can help let me know my grandfathers name was john garrett aiken aka jack….. brothers I know are Herman aiken and frank aiken only sister i know is alice aiken my grandfather married Betty simons had 6 kids Rachel patricha sue Sadie billy and Jackie….. I need help…..

  3. Morag Donaldson Says:

    I am the grandaughter of Mary Winifred Bonugli nee Aicken born 1901 and buried in the Cullybackey Reformed Presbyterian churchyard alongside her father Robert (farmer), his brother John and mother Mary Miller who both resided in House 2 Tullynahinnion, Lisnagarran, Portglenone. Other Aickens in Houses 5 and 8. See 1901 and 1911 census for names of 6 children (plus Eleanor not yet born). Note name change Aiken to Aicken between census. Son Jack (Pte WW1) emmigrated to Ontario where he and Minnie Gregg also from Co Antrim had 9 children. Trying to find out more about previous Aickens/Aikens, Miller’s and I believe there were Andrew’s emmigrated to Philadelphia? in the 1700s (letter sent back home!).

  4. moragwilson Says:

    I am the granddaughter (living in Northern Ireland) of Mary Winnifred Bonugli (nee Aicken) born 1901 and buried in Cullybackey Reformed Presbyterian Churchyard, Cullybackey along with her father Robert, a farmer, his wife Mary nee Miller (Millar?) and his brother John. They lived in house no 2 in Tullynahinnion (Lisnagarran) near Portglenone, Co Antrim along with their 7 children William Miller, John (Jack), Maggie (Anna), Thomas James, Andrew, Winnifred and Ella, see 1901 and 1911 census (Eleanor, a Matron at the Ulster Hospital who was awarded an MBE for her services during the Belfast Blitz wasn’t born then). Note their name changed from Aiken to Aicken between the censuses. Other Aickens lived in Nos 5 and 8. One son, Pte Jack Aicken WW1, emigrated to Ontario and married Minnie Gregg from Antrim (Armoy?) and they had nine children.

    i am hoping to find out more about Robert and Mary Aicken’s ancestors, Aicken/Aikens, Millers and I believe there were Andrews emmigrated to Philadelphia in the 1700s. I have seen correspondence from that period written back home!

  5. Diane McGowan Tichenor Says:

    My family has confirmed with Y dna that we are related closely to the William Aiken family of the above 1-page genealogy. We are probably descended from a brother of his. Would love to collaborate with members of this family. Our family was in Maryland by 1772, and according to lore near the border of PA and DE.

  6. Connie White Says:

    I am the sixth great-granddaughter of William Aiken and Jenny Burnside. My fifth great-grandfather was Alexander Aiken. I am trying to prove 1) William was in America between 19 April 1775 and 26 November 1783, 2) Did he serve in the military. pay a supply tax or conduct any type of civil service during this period. The information that I have from family records tell me that he was here in 1777. Do you know if there is any documentation as to where he lived and what he might have done? Did he own land in Maryland? If you do not have any documentation, can you tell me where I should look? I also need to know where and when he was born if possible. Are there any records of him in Ireland? Any help would be appreciated.

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