Kirkinriola Interments


6 Responses to “KIRKINRIOLA INTERMENTS 1940 – 1972”

  1. sonya sampson Says:

    i notice a great aunt of mine Harriett Dickson on Kirkinriola Interments 1940- 1972.. is there any way of finding out which plot she is buried in?

  2. sonya sampson Says:

    i have two plot numbers that she most probably is buried in but am unable to find out which one it is. Am also trying to find out which one my great grandfather George Dickson is buried in. i can’t find him on any of your lists, but am sure he is one of these two plots as well. any help on any of these two family members would be a great help. thanks.

  3. sonya sampson Says:

    Thanks so much Alistair for your help on this, believe it or not i think from the information you have gave me, i can now work out who is buried where.. could you just check for me if your list names H and M Dickson as ladies.. thanks so much.

  4. Valerie Coleman Says:

    Hi, Genealogygirl, I have relatives in Kirkinriola Cemetery, Ritchie is the name. I have been there, there is no headstone for Eliza Ritchie she has 3 plots but I was hoping you can tell me who is in John Ritchies 4 plots. Thanking you

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