Nancy Jeanne Rochelle Charlesworth has kindly allow me to add her transcription of the 1864 Clough Presbyterian Church Stipend List of 1864.

Stipend List of Clough Presbyterian Church 1864[1]


  1. Steven Bajkay Says:

    Hello. I am compiling a Law family tree for my wife. I noticed on the 1864 Stipend List of Clough a William Law. Her ancestor is William Law of this area.

    Can you explain to me what a Stipand List was, and the pews associated with the names.

    Thank you.


    • genealogygirl Says:

      All I know is this is a list of people who paid for pews. But I don’t know what pew the names are associated with. Sorry.

      Do have a friend in Ballymena with the sir name Law that you might want to contact. Alan Law:


  2. Elwyn Soutter Says:

    My understanding is that the stipend list was a method used to pay the Minister’s salary and to pay for the upkeep of the church. A family paid an agreed amount for the year, and in return they got the use of a certain numbered pew for the year. A version of the 10% tithe specified in the bible. This method of payment fell into disuse towards the end of the 19th century and was generally replaced but other methods of payment eg weekly donations.

  3. Ken Ray Says:

    Are there any very early records, say in the 1810-1830 era, for the Rasharkin Presbyterian Church? I have 5 family of Rea’s that lived in the general area, at least one family attended this church.

    • genealogygirl Says:

      I don’t know anything about Rasharkin records in particular, but if you go to the PRONI website you can find a list of all the church records they have on microfilm. The burial records we took pictures of at the Braid are all after 1875. You also might join the MidAntrim group at Yahoo and post a query. I am sure someone there can help you.

  4. Kim Wills Says:

    Can you possibly adivise,….I found that my family of CARSON’s came from Antrim in 1818. In a note they said that a pastor sent a note of reference for them and said he was from the church in CLOUGH. Do you know how to go about finding if these records till exist from this time. The family was Presbyterian before they came to the USA. I looked at the PRONI stie, and thought it was a bit overwhelming, I didn’t know where to start. Thanks!

    • genealogygirl Says:

      Records from the Clough church were burned in a fire. There is nothing from that early a time. Researching in Antrim can be very discouraging because of the lack of records. My family records would have been there also.

    • Hazel K Says:

      There are still a lot of the carson family living in the area. The online BT phonebook for northern ireland or may reveal some contacts. Most are farmers and live on and around the Tullykittagh Road, Ballybogy Road, Ballycregagh Road, Glenleslie Road, Rosedernott Road area between Clough and Cloughmills. Look up Ned Carson (oldest), James Carson, Adam Carson. Any resident in the area will redirect you hopefully.
      Also look up for the 1901 census for Clough, County Antrim.

  5. Nancy Dulmage, Kemptville, Ontario, Canada Says:

    My husband’s ancestors were McCarleys from Ballymena area. I am looking for some marriage or baptism records from the early 1800s. Have found some in Ballymena First Presbyterian ( at PRONI) but some of the family are missing. Especially looking for a Mary and Rose McCarley b. circa 1840 (parents John and Rose/Rosana Moore) and a James McCarley b. ca. 1820s who married a Mary/Jane/Jenny Peacock circa 1835-1840. Also a David McCarley b. ca. 1820s at Ballymena and Thomas McCarley born 1848 (possibly born in Belfast). Townlands mentioned in PRONI records found were Carniny, Balleee, Ballycraigy and Brocklemont. Any help would be great.

  6. Nancy Orr Says:

    There is a William McBurney, 156 Ballymoney Road Ballymena BT43 5BZ. His mother was Agnes McCarley from Moat Road, Harryville, Ballymena. She died about 30 years ago, but he may be able to provide information. There is also a W. McCarley 26 Pinegrove Park Ballymena BT43 6TJ, who might be able to help you.
    When I was a child, I went to learn Irish Dancing at the Sally McCarley School of Dancing & the above names would have the same family connections. Sally McCarley’s married name was Mrs Tanner & she lived her married life in Dublin, where she died.
    These McCarleys would have had connections with Harryville Presbyterian Church in Ballymena.
    I am only trying to be helpful, but do not wish to go any further with your search, & I would ask you not to use my email address for any correspondence.

  7. Nancy Dulmage, Kemptville, Ontario, Canada Says:

    Thank you so much, Nancy for this information. I appreciate your kindness very much. I will attempt to contact these individuals by post. It is especially helpful to get the name of the church of these particular McCarleys. My husband’s gr gr grandfather was born in the townland of Ballee, which I believe is where Harryville is. Very interesting.

    Nancy Dulmage,

    Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

    • Sally Hanvey Says:

      Hi Nancy Dulmage , This is your friend Sally McCarley Hanvey in Antrim , Just to let you know that W J McCarley at Pinegrove Park in Ballymena is my brother and William McBurney my second cousin and Sally McCarley Tanner was my aunt .

  8. Nancy Dulmage, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Says:

    Really! That is interesting! Nancy

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