1. Dave Brengan Says:

    Thanks for all the work – I’ve found Thomas Brangan’s plot (we knew he was at Clough but not where) – family farm still in Drumnaglea north of Orange Order house.

    • Helen Hill Says:

      I believe that I have a letter that was written inside a book that was sent from your Thomas Brangan to my GG Grandfather William Wilson who emigrated to Canada with his wife Ester and children around 1848-50?. Another letter was also written in the same book from William’s brother Thomas and sister Mary. The letter from Thomas & Mary was dated “Drumglea, August 13, 1854. Thomas Brangan’s letter is as follows “Dear William, I would travel thirty miles for a letter from your hand. I have wrote very often and received no answer and I sent a newspaper to you and want you to write to me if yu have any move of coming home and I would look out for a place for you. I do not like that climate. Dear Sir Yours Truly Thomas Brangan
      I suggest you read the biography of S.S. McClure who also lived at Drumnaglea who was famous in the U.S. for the McClure Magazine.
      Best Regards,
      Helen Hill (nee Wilson)

      • genealogygirl Says:

        You might want to reply by email to the person interested in these people to be sure she gets the information.



  2. Rose Neeson Says:

    Great site, very interesting information. Would love to see more photographs of headstones. Is there any chance volunteers do this?? I am in Canada and cannot take my own photos. Would love any Neeson photos of headstones. Family buried in Clough Cemetery but also parish of Kirkinriola, Toome, appreciate any help.

    • genealogygirl Says:

      It is unlikely that I have any Neeson pictures from Clough but I will look. Alistair McCartney May have some from Kirkinriola. I will ask him.


    • genealogygirl Says:

      This is Alistair’s reply about Neesons in Kirkinriola:

      No, there are not any Neeson stones in Kirkinriola. There is only one plot
      to Andrew Neeson of Lisnacrogher which is unmarked (to the left of James
      Smith of Bally died 1827) 4th row from the east wall.

  3. Dave Brengan Says:

    Anne, would you please forward my e-mail to Helen Hill – as I’m not smart enough to figure out how to contact her through this site with out doing it as a reply – this is the first information that we have ever had on the Wilsons!
    Thanks again for your work on all of this,
    Dave Brengan

    • Victoria Says:

      Dave, can you confirm where exactly ‘Drumnaglea’ or ‘Drumglea’ is in Ballymoney?

    • hele hill Says:

      Hello Victoria,

      Drumnaglea (there are various spellings, by the way) is located north of Ballymoney along A26 Frosses Rd. I’m not sure of the bounderies but it is a townland of around 200+ acres somewhere in vicinity of Lisnasso Rd and Ballylig Rd. Drumnaglea is a townland in the Grange of Dundermot.

      Do you have relatives who lived on Drumnaglea? I am descended from Wilsons of Drumnaglea and possibly related to Brengans and McClures.

      Rgds, Helen

      • Helen Says:

        Hello Victoria,

        Let me correct my previous reply. Drumnaglea is north of Ballymena (not Ballymoney) between Ballymena and Ballymoney.


  4. May Gourley Says:

    Where do I find the headstone of Speer Jack (Plot 304) in Clough Graveyard. (Plodded the graveyard this morning and all I got was wet feet!!) any help much appreciated. May, Coleraine

    • Pamela Says:

      Speers Jack Donly was my grandfather and is buried in Dundonald graveyard, Is this the same Speer Jack? Pamela

    • Pamela Says:

      Did you find anymore information? My grandfather Speers Jack Donly was born in Clough. His father and mother were William and Lizzie, brothers Robert and William, sister was Maggie. He is buried in Dundonald graveyard. Pamela

      • Thomas Donly Says:

        Hi, I just stumbled across this website while researching my family tree. My grandad and grandmum are duried in Dundonald Cemetery and according to the records are in the same grave as Speers Jack Donly. They were named Eddie and Lily Donly. I have little information on my surname and was hoping you could help? Thanks

  5. Doris Mousdale Says:

    Any reference to Hester and Samuel McNaghten of Clough( 1734-1784) would be welcome We hear the timbers in the Orange Hall are from their land and we have a photo of the house( now a grain store) Are they buried in Clough? Their children were Ann, James,Rosetta,George,Hester and Samuel. Originally from Ballyreagh and Killyree

  6. Tammy Mitchell Helgert Says:

    I will be ciming from Canada to Clough next week on May 18 & 19. I want to see what I can find out about my grandfather James andrew Mitchell’s family, his father was born there and had a large family. I’m not sure where to go for information. My father was stationed in Ireland at a RCAF station during the Second World War so that I would check that out as well.

  7. Rose Neeson Says:

    Hope you have a wonderful trip of connection and discovery. If you’ve time to take other photis any Neeson, Burns or McCambridge headstones would be so gratefully appreciated. Have a wonderful trip.

  8. Andrew McLawrence Says:

    Hi, looking for any info on Alexander McLawrence buried Dunaghy old graveyard (Clough)
    Andrew McLawrence

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