Ahoghill Interments


18 Responses to “AHOGHILL INTERMENTS, CO. ANTRIM, N. IRELAND 1875 – 1972”

  1. William Spence Kitson Says:

    For many years now I have been trying to find the grave of my ggf Robert Spence who was a farmer at Rosebrook Ahoghill.He died there 16 Dec 1879.The newspaper said he was to be buried in the family plot Ahoghill.Many thanks to your site and Alistair McCartney for telling me which graveyard he is in,I thought it might be the 1st Presbyterian but no its the old Ahoghill.

    Am I able to find out anything more about who may also be buried in the plot.?

    Any advice would be appreciated

    Kind Regards

    William Spence Kitson

    • genealogygirl Says:

      I am not sure if there is a way to find that out. I see there is no tombstone transcription on the Braid website for Robert Spence who died at that time so assume there is no stone on his grave that might list other people. If there is a grave registration book, it would only list who bought the grave and it would be difficult to track it down. If you contact Alistair maybe he would have an idea. Do you have his death registration?

      It might be worth contacting the Braid to be sure there is no stone transcription. They might not have everything on the website. Also they are not publishing more recent stones so if he is on a stone with someone who died more recently, maybe they would have left his out of the transcriptions. I really am not sure.

      I will look to see if I have photos of the grave registrations for that cemetery to see if I can find his name.

  2. peter briggs Says:

    This is probably the wrong place to post this and im sorry if it is, but I was wondering how i could ffind out the parents of David Aiken born 1807 joined the Royal Artillery and was discharged about 1826 aged 19. Ahoghill Antrim is given as his place of birth but according to most websites record keeping didnt start till 1811. David married Ann Baird in Edinburgh in 1831 and eventually ended up in Tasmania. Im really at a dead end and would really appreciate any help I can get please

    Many thanks

    Peter Briggs

    Brisbane Queensland Australia

  3. Valerie Says:

    Thank you very much for posting the Ahoghill Interments list. I was able to find my Great-Grandparts King & Mary McIlrath. I was wondering if the cemetary is open to the public as I am coming over in May and would love to take a picture of the headstone?

    • genealogygirl Says:

      I actually don’t remember if I have been to Ahoghill. Alistair has I am sure. But no cemetery i have been to except the old one in Ballymena has ever been locked up. I will check with Alistair.


    • genealogygirl Says:

      The old graveyard in Church Street Ahoghill is locked but you can get the key from Logan’s undertakers less than a minute’s walk away across the Diamond. http://The old graveyard in Church Street Ahoghill is locked but you can get the key from Logan’s undertakers less than a minute’s walk away across the Diamond. http://logansfuneralservices.co.uk

      • Valerie Says:

        Thank you very much for your speedy reply. I will contact Logan’s upon my arrival in May.
        Thanks again for your assistance.

  4. Dolores Vance Says:

    My son and I visited Ahoghill Pres. Cemetery in April and searched ,finding my gr4 grandparents Wm Burnett b.1733 on the same stone as his son Wm(and their wives). We met a woman from Corsica looking for an ancient gr-parent Stuart ,but she was not successfull Wm’s son Matthew came to Canada in the mid- 1800s and has desc scattered from Ontario to B.C.
    Loved our trip to ireland and the Irish people. Sorry to hear of an outburst in Belfast again Dolores

  5. Muriel Burnett Says:

    Dolores. My husband Murray Burnett from Belwood, Ontario saw the same stone. Murray is great great grandson of William and Margarets son John. (brother of Matthew). Belwood is in Wellington County in Ontario. We would love to connect and exchange information.

  6. Chloe Robb Says:

    Hi Anne,

    I was wondering if you know if the Balmers listed in the Ballyclug internments are all family? And also if James Balmer is listed as dying in Ballymena Union does that necessarily mean the work house? Thank you x

  7. Lindsay Joseph Says:

    After 13 years of searching I found my great grandfathers burial in your list of Ahoghill Internments. Its only January 7 of 2015 and you made my year. This is a MAJOR breakthrough for me. I am ever so grateful for your site.

    • genealogygirl Says:

      So glad to help.y sister amd i have gathered so much information not relating to our own families that it is great to have it help someone.

  8. Lindsay Joseph Says:

    Do you know if the internment list is available in a different sorted order. I know burial plots are often arranged with family next to family. The list as it is now is in alphabetical order. Is there any documents that have more of a map concept so I can check proximity.

    • genealogygirl Says:

      I don’t have anything that lists the burials and the correlating map of the cemetery. If you called the cemetery office, it is possible they could tell you, although I don’t know if they have anything that would give plot numbers that you could match up. Alistair McCartney – do you know?

  9. Doris Y. Eddy Says:

    Any help on Wm. John McMullan burial sight..Died about 1899. His wife and 2 of her family came to Iowa 1908. Also Laverty from same area.Ballymena, Ahoghill 1 son of Wm. McMullan butied Templepatrick.

  10. Barbara-Ann Lajoie Says:

    Searching for any info on a John Mooney married Sarah Rowan Aug. 21st, 1865 in Ahoghill, Antrim Ireland…He is possibly my 5th Great Grandfather.

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