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Our Home Away from Home

August 5, 2014

I thought some of you would like to see where we stayed.  Largy Coastal Apartments in Carnlough is my favorite place to stay.  Although it is 20 – 30 min. from Ballymena it is beautiful and is a good place to start when exploring the east coast of Northern Ireland.  St. Mary’s church is just a short walk up the road.  I always go there and take pictures – for no reason really – I just like it.  No ancestors in the graveyard!


DSC_2973 DSC_2993 DSC_3004 DSC_3006 DSC_3007 DSC_3008 DSC_3009 DSC_3011 DSC_3024


Newgrange and Kells

July 30, 2014

I am going to add a few more Ireland pictures.  The following pictures are from Newgrange which is a Stone Age passage tomb.  You can learn more here:

DSC_2197 DSC_2174

After Newgrange we went to Kells.  The book of Kells which is in Dublin was written here.  The round tower and the high crosses were amazing. IMG_1755 IMG_1762 IMG_1765

Arrived in Ireland

June 25, 2014

We we had a good flight to Dublin and survived trying to stay awake the first day. Got lots of sleep last night. Should anyone plan a trip to Ireland, I would be glad to give some pointers and ideas, especially for County Antim.

I will post a few pictures as we go along even though they won’t be genealogy pictures for the most part. If you want to see all of my pictures with my family etc. you can sign up for my travel blog.

These pictures are of the Temple Bar area in Dublin.