Hello everyone,

Well I am back to genealogy after being too busy to do much for quite some time.  I have decided to start adding the information I have for all my family names – which probably number 25-35 families.  It probably will not happen that I will get them all cleaned up and ready for anyone else to see, but I have made a start with the Barney family.

You will find the descendant report for my 6x great grandfather, William Barney, at the right under Barney Family.  I guess I should mention it is very long – 103 pages.

My sister and I worked for 3 weeks on cleaning up our file and getting ready to add it to this blog.  I am not promising it is all right, only that this is what our research shows.  Also I am not promising I found all the typos and duplicate notes and sources.   But we decided we need to start sharing more of our research before we aren’t here anymore and our kids throw it in the trash  🙂

Let me know if anyone finds errors in our research or anything else that needs to be changed.




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