I am adding pictures of some death cards from Ireland that Joy DeSantis took when she was there.  Thank you to Joy for allowing me to post them here.

You will find them at the right under Ireland Death Cards.

The following is a list of names and death years from the cards.  Some of the people I do have some information about, or at least have an idea of what family they belong to.  If anyone wants more information, just let me know.


Agnes (ADAMS) DUNLOP  1896

James STEVENSON 1900

James STEVENSON 1894

Rev. Isaac ADAMS 1887 (year not listed on death card – available elsewhere on line)

Elizabeth ADAMS DUNLOP 1882 (2 cards)

John DUNLOP 1893

Samuel ADAMS 1910

Margaret J. HANNA 1918

David GASTON 1982

Jane ADAMS  1893 (2 cards)

Elizabeth STEVENSON 1888

Robert LUKE 1924

David LINTON 1923

William PATTISON 1922



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