I have finally managed to get through transcribing the M’s – so the file to the right has been updated.  I will try to keep at it over the next few weeks to get the rest of the book transcribed.  I hope I have not made too many mistakes, but should someone see something they know is not correct I would appreciate hearing from them.



  1. colyebe Says:

    I cannot view anything on your site

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  2. James McKay Says:

    You have my Brother recorded Donald Peter McCay died 11th April 1980,(Shot) where do you get your information? James McKay

    • genealogygirl Says:

      One time myy sister and I were in Ireland we photographed a death book Ruth McFetridge had kept fur her husband. I think she is still alive but I could find out for sure. Possibly you could contact her to find out where her information came from. Tomorrow I will check to be sure I have not transcribed something wrong. Is the date correct? Did he die some other way?

  3. Ian Simpson Says:

    I think it was John McFetridge of the Bally who died on the 9/4/1958

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