Arrived in Ireland

We we had a good flight to Dublin and survived trying to stay awake the first day. Got lots of sleep last night. Should anyone plan a trip to Ireland, I would be glad to give some pointers and ideas, especially for County Antim.

I will post a few pictures as we go along even though they won’t be genealogy pictures for the most part. If you want to see all of my pictures with my family etc. you can sign up for my travel blog.

These pictures are of the Temple Bar area in Dublin.









5 Responses to “Arrived in Ireland”

  1. David McKee Says:

    Great photos…thanks!

    Not responsible for iPad spelling overrides.


  2. Brenda (McFetridge) Says:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Ireland and I will be especially looking forward to your posts from County Antrim as I am travelling to Ballymena in Sept. I am having trouble finding relatives in NI but will hopefully find some before I go.

    • genealogygirl Says:

      There certainly are McFetridges there. Could you give me some McFetridge ancestor names? I have a bit of McFetridge info.

      • Brenda (McFetridge) Says:

        I have since found McFetridge relatives in and around Ballymena, but now need to find on my Grandmother’s side. Her maiden name was Bankhead and her father Thomas owned a linen factory at one time. She had sisters Nora and Agnes and a brother Bertie. Any help would be appreciated

      • I Simpson Says:

        I think you find the Bankheads living in Ballymontenagh , Clohogue, Co. Antrim on 1901 and 1911 census

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