Alistair McCartney has made a list of genealogy resources for researching Co. Antrim.  He has given me permission to include it on my blog.  You will find the list at the right under Ireland Records. 



  1. sandfordpw Says:

    Hi, I’ve only just found your excellent weblog, and am wondering if it is possible to make contact with Alistair McCartney? The reason for this is that I am doing some research for a friend and neighbour, who’s family are related to an Alex McCartney of Camcoagh, Ballymena, born abt 1849 and who married a Sarah Hazlett in 1872. It is a long shot, but I wondered if Alistair is related to them in any way?

  2. Bob Spear Says:

    It’s very difficult as you know to find early records in your area. I am struggling to find information on my GGGrandmother from Antrim. Her name was Matilda Adams. She came to the U.S. in 1830s. I am certain not all of the Adames came over and some descendants must still reside by you. Can you find me a sympathetic Adams that may be in to genealogy that can help me in my search. Thanks,
    Bob Spear

    • genealogygirl Says:

      My Adams info doesn’t go back that far. I don’t actually live in Ireland. I am in Hinckley OH. I know Joy DeSantis has done a lot of Adams research. Her email is, or at least that is the last address I have. She is not in Ireland either though. I am also not actually related to the Adams. One of my Stevenson’s married an Adams and I am in touch with her descendants in Glarryford, Co. Antrim. But they don’t have any information that I don’t have.

      The way I found my Morton and Stevenson relatives was: I went to and put in the last name and Ballymena. I sent letters to every one I found and got an answer that ended up helping me.

      If all you know is Co. Antrim it will be hard to find them. You could start with the Ballymena Historical Society. They might be able to help. The Adams family I have is from near Glarryford. Samuel Adams lived in a house called Sunbeam on Springmount Road north of Ballymena. John Adams b. 1815 moved to California. Where was your Matilda?

  3. Bob Spear Says:

    Thanks Genealogygirl. I will try the references you gave me. The John you mention above does fit into the time frame of my Matilda, who wound up in illinois (Cook County). The search goes on. If you happen upon a person from Ireland that could assist me further, please let me know.
    Bob Spear

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