Well I have gotten 4 more letters added to the death book transcription.  You will find the file at the right under IRELAND RECORDS.

I will work on more soon.


  1. Chris Kirk Says:

    Just a simple question, I have found some of my Kennedy related ancestors listed in the 1st Agoghill graveyard c1883. Where were local people buried previously…

    • genealogygirl Says:

      I asked Alistair McCartney what he might know about your question. He knows much more about the history of burial grounds in Co. Antrim than I do. This is his answer:

      The earliest stone in 1st Ahoghill is 1813 so it goes back quite a way for
      Presbyterians. The old churchyard in Ahoghill is the old Church of Ireland
      site which goes back to the 1600s if not before (earliest stone 1700) that
      would be where everyone would have been buried before Presbyterians started
      their own

      • Chris Kirk Says:

        Thanks Genealogygirl for your response. We have spent years researching our Kennedy roots through various family history websites, however I am at pains to say that we have hit a brick wall as far as our Irish ancestors are concerned. The clues we pick up mainly from our Gr.grandfather Samuel Kennedy, a seaman who settled in North Shields and married a local girl.. They married in 1848 at the local Anglican church and where their marriage cert gives William Kennedy, a cabinet maker as his father. Various UK census tell us that Samuel was born in Ireland, but they do not state whereabouts. A North Shields newspaper article dated 1870 tells us of an Orange meeting at Bro. Samuel Kennedy’s house (Britannia Inn, North Shields). There were seven children baptized in the local Methodist Bethel Mission Church. Turning to our online searches of Irish records we have so far been unable to trace Samuel’s baptism record, we searched PRONI Belfast trade directories for William Kennedy and turned up several possibilities. Now we are trying to match the children’s christian names to see if there are Kennedy families which match a similar pattern. This is what has led us to Ahoghill.

  2. genealogygirl Says:

    Ireland is not an easy place to research, particularly if you don’t have an exact location.

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