Alistair McCartney has send more burial and plot transcriptions.  At the right you will now find – Kirkinriola plot owners updated, New Connor Presbyterian Graveyard Internments, Ballyclug (Ballylesson) Graveyard Internments and the Kells Graveyard plot owners c1875.  Thank you so much to Alistair for all this hard work.  I believe the Braid Museum in Ballymena will soon have all these transcriptions on their website.  They are working to update their genealogy section.  Work continues to photograph, transcribe and post the remainder of the burial books as Alistair works with Shirin at the Braid.  Great progress has been made!
I will shortly have the rest of the Clough internments uploaded.  Kate Connolly has transcribed the later years and I am working on getting them ready to post on the blog.



  1. Sharon Gordon nee ( Linton) Says:

    I would be interested to see this when it is on line as i am researching my family tree. The names areAlexander,Linton and Gregg.

  2. genealogygirl Says:

    We are still working to get more transcribed. I am not going to post any more records until the Braid gets our transcriptions onto their site. Should be soon I hope and I have been having some computer problems so haven’t gotten the rest of Clough that Kate Connolly transcribed organized.

    What Lintons are you looking for? I have a small amount of Linton info -at least the ones that were associated with the Adams family.

  3. Michel Jennings Says:

    I am getting ready for a trip to Northern Ireland in March. My ancestry will take me Ballymena. Family name is Toland. John Toland born 1824 was born there and then moved to the US. I am looking to find places connected with him. Do you know anything about the Toland’s and if the museum would have anything on that family name? Thanks!

  4. Ade Jackson Says:

    Hi there, How wonderful that you are doing this. I believe my Great Grandfather, James King, born round about 1856, would have been buried in Kirkinriola cemetery. My Grandmother, Annie Farr, nee King, is also buried there, as is her sister (married name McQuillen) It would be wonderful if you have found any information on the family. I am trying to find the names of the parents of James King.

    • genealogygirl Says:

      ALISTAIR McCartney sent me the following King information from Kirkinriola:

      old 395, new 1124-5, registered to James King, Tyshan, c1875
      transferred to Mrs Annie Farr 172 Agnes St Belfast 6 Aug 1949
      unmarked apart from a broken sandstone piece lying loose “Erected by Mrs. Farr Belfast [in memory of all who sleep here.]” last part now missing but recorded in the mid 1990s. There is a small concrete base at grave 1122 with no headstone. It looks like the Farr headstone was wrongly placed 2 graves to the right.

      old 784, new 2279-2279A, registered to James King, Leymore, 9 Mar 1905
      Erected by James King, of Laymore in memory of his son William, born 18th March 1904. died 8th March 1905. Also of his father Robert King, who died 8th August 1905, aged 70 years. Also his mother Mary King, who died 29th March 1920, aged 90 years. Also the above named James King, who died 7th May 1921, aged 62 years. And his wife Jane King, died 11th November 1958, aged 86 years. Also Maggie Montgomery King daughter of the above named James and Jane King died 3rd November 1989 aged 90 years and Mary Stuart King sister of the above Maggie died 20th April 1993 aged 96 years

      old 898, new 2362-3, registered to James King, Clogher Ballymena, 27 Nov 1931
      King In memory of Elizabeth Bonnar, wife of James King. (Clougher.) died 27th November 1931. Also James King. died 26th June 1987 aged 84 years. And Jean Fisher (2nd wife of James King) died 26th August 1994, aged 79 years.

      only McQuillen stone is at 2353:
      Erected by Jane McQuillan, in memory of her mother Mary McQuillan, died 24th January 1930. Also the above named Jane McQuillan died 2nd Feb. 1958.

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