Alistair McCartney has kindly granted permission for me to add some of his N. Ireland burial and plot transcriptions to my blog.  Alistair has been working very hard on taking pictures and transcribing the pictures he took and the ones my sister and I took at the Braid Museum of the burial record and plot books.  Please note that for privacy reasons only the names of those people who owned plots that were registered 75 years or longer ago are included.  Please also note that almost all of the records begin after 1875.  One other note, there is no burial book beginning in 1875 for Kirkinriola.  There was a large burial book for Kirkinriola at the Registrar’s Office in Ballymena at one time.  It appeared to possibly be the grave tenders book.  But it along with a similar one for Clough which started in 1875 have disappeared from the Registry Office and so far no one has been able to locate them.  Hopefully they are still trying to find out what happened to them.

Books that have been added are:

Clough Internments (were already on here) 1875 – 1914

Clough Plot Owners 1875 – 1937

Drummaul Internments 1904 – 1972

Drummaul Plot Owners – 1875 – 1937

Kirkinriola Internments 1940 – 1972

Kirkinriola Plot Owners (were already on here) 1875 – 1937

The Braid Museum in Ballymena has allowed Alistair to continue taking pictures of the books and will be adding the transcriptions to their website as they have time.

This is an ongoing project being headed by Alistair and includes some other volunteer transcribers.  Thank you to Alistair and all who have agreed to help out.

I would like to comment a bit on the plot books.  Many of them list the original owner and then subsequent times the plot was either sold or passed on to a relative, sometimes with a date sometimes not.  Since we are not allowed to publish names more recent that 75 years, it makes it difficult to trace forward to a relative.  The real value of the plot books is being able to string the owners together getting hints about family relationships.  And the name of the person owning the plot is not necessarily the name of the person buried in the plot.  So, that said, I would suspect there is a way to get permission to trace a particular plot by contacting the Braid, but maybe it would require a Freedom of Information request or something.  I really don’t know the answer to that.  Maybe there is no way to see the names of the current owners.  Maybe you need to know the name of the current owner to trace it backwards, I don’t know.  Anyway, just a bit of explanation about the plot books.

I am currently working on the Fees book for a group of Ballymena cemeteries which includes who paid to buy some lots, fenders, tombstones etc.  It is going to be a while before I get very far on it.  But this will also be restricted to 75 years ago and older.



  1. Doug Jubb Says:

    Thank’s to all for transcribing the info gathered here. Please keep up the fantastic job. If you ever come across James and Margaret McCart’s burials please advise. James McCart owned plots in Clough Cemetery. There don’t seem to be a record of his or Margarets burial there. See plot purchase record I have attached to James McCart and William Watson.

    • genealogygirl Says:


      Can you tell what time period they lived? Also, I am not sure what you mean that you attached something to James McCart and William Watson Where?


  2. Doug Jubb Says:

    Hi Anne
    James McCart, 1839 – 15 June 1913 born Co.Antrim. Margaret McCart nee Campbell, 26 Dec 1841 – ????.born Co. Down.
    I believe Margaret McCart died after their son Andrew McCart, 09 June 1879 – was born. Andrew was raised by Mary Watson 1822 – 27 July 1898 and William Watson 1811 – 07 June 1907. I believe at Glenleslie Road, Clough. The Watsons are buried in Clough Cemetery. I’m unsure where the McCarts are buried. That is what I’m looking for is their burials.
    If you look on the site, You will see attached to James McCart and William Watson copies of the accual purchase of the Clough Cemetery plots.


    Doug Jubb

    • Ashierk Says:

      Have you tried contacting the Ballymena Library to have them search for an obit to see if it names the cemetery?

      Also Margaret McCart’s death should be in the registrations as should James.

      It seems like James should have been in the Clough interments if he was buried there. Although I have no confidence in the record keeping there. Where did you get the grave document?

      There are way more people buried at Clough than there are tombstones. So possibly they are buried without stones.


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      Sent from my iPad

  3. Doug Jubb Says:

    Hi Anne
    The purchase documents for the McCart and Watson, Clough Cemetery plots were in Andrew McCarts family Bible. The Bible was passed down to my mother Muriel McCart.
    The family was also aware that Andrew was raised by the Watson’s. This is how we came to have the Watson’s record as well.

    You are more than welcome to copy and use those documents on your site.

    Thanks for the hints of where I might look for more records.


    • Ashierk Says:

      There is a will on the PRONI website for James McCart. Click on the will calendars on the right on the PRONI site. There is an abstract of the will.

      I also have photos of the Schedule of Fees book which covers several cemeteries. It doesn’t list who was buried. But there is this entry;


      #37 Ballymena Cemetery -interment – J McCart. – 2.6 – 21 Mar.

      I am supposed to transcribe this but just haven’t got time right now.


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      Sent from my iPad

      • Doug Jubb Says:


        The 1879 #37 Ballymena Cemetery -interment – J McCart. – 2.6 – 21 Mar.
        This could very well be the burial place of Margaret McCart. James McCart I believe did live until 1913 as indicated in the PRONI Wills.

        Thank you


      • Anne Says:

        Be sure to keep in mind the #37 is not a plot number just the entry number.

        The record of interment a book is at the Registrar’s office in Ballymena. I am not sure if they would search for it if you called. Alistair McCartney us trying to get permission to photograph it and get it indexed. No luck so far.

        On the Braid website it says there are 2 McCart stones with no dates or names. Maybe them? Other McCarts buried at both Ballymena and Clough.

        Sent from my iPhone Anne Klintworth

    • Ashierk Says:

      Should have said that the J McCart is listed under “from whom received”

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      Sent from my iPad

  4. Wendy Simpson (née Thompson) Says:

    Typo: interment has been given an extra “n” on this page

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