The significance of the John Harvey indenture

I have added a transcription of an indenture dated 7 Jan 1796 under the Shier family.  The importance of this indenture is as follows:

1.  It shows that Barbara Krauskopf  Shier’s first husband was John Harvey

2.  It shows that contrary to the story told by Barbara Krauskopf Shier’s niece, she was not a widow at age 19 since John Harvey was still alive in January of 1796.

3.  Henry Shier knew Barbara Krauskopf Harvey while her husband was still alive because he is a witness to the indenture.

4.  John Harvey either died or they were divorced before April 1796 because Barbara and Henry Shier are married in Montgomery Co. NY in April 1796.

The indenture is basically John and Barbara selling everything they own to pay off their debts.  What happened after that we don’t know.  Was John Harvey sick and died shortly after this?  Did Henry and Barbara do him in?  Did John and Barbara divorce?  There is another indenture later involving the property they sold into trust for their debts but it does not say if John Harvey is still alive or not.

The other names in the document are:

Peter Bruce, William Alexander, Henry Barclay, Thomas Dodds, Stephen Wendover, Joseph Hopkins, John Sullivan, Coertland Van Buren, Robert Bruce, Charles Watkins, Tobias Vanzandt, Andreas Lee, Garret Van Heim, Michael Moore, Mr. Shaw, Tallen? Chandler, Christian Smith, William Langstaffe and John Ray

Some of these people have their occupation also listed.



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