The following is a copy of information I sent some of my Shier cousins.  Anyone who has a copy of my Shier info – should probably make these changes.  Many people won’t be interested – but I am hoping the wrong information that might be floating out there will get corrected.  Anyone who has questions, please contact me:

Well, we are in the process of making some significant changes to the Shier file.  It is a long story, but my sister found some obits in the New York City papers that change who some Shier people are.  Also, because we were working on this, I found that I had left Ann Foye out of Martin’s will transcription.

So anyway.  I am posting the transcription of Martin’s will that is corrected.  If you have a copy of my transcription, delete it and keep this one.  Also it is in the notes in my Shier file, so if you have a copy of that, you need to change the will in the notes.

A more important discovery is the fact that Margaret Shier (Bakewell), sister to Henry and Julius and Martin and Ann (Foye)  and Mary (Robson)  – is NOT.  She is actually Margaret Robson, daughter of Mary Shier Robson.  I had a note in my file that there seemed to be a problem with her age in the census and this is the reason why.  There still is the information the some people named Martin, Henry and Margaret Shier appeared in court in NYC in 1761, now we just don’t know who they are for sure. Maybe there was a sister Margaret just not the one married to Joseph Bakewell – or could the death of Margaret the mother in Ireland be the wrong person and Henry and siblings actually came to NYC with their parents Henry and Margaret?  The following is her obit:

1819 – 20 Mar – Mrs. Margaret Bakewell – Yesterday morning in the 51st year of her age Mrs. Margaret Bakewell – The relations, friends and acquaintance of the family and of her sons Wm. And Benjamin Bakewell are requested to attend her funeral on Sunday afternoon at 5 o’clock from the residence of her mother Mary Robson No. 125 Division St.  The master sail makers are particularly invited to attend.

This notice in Mercantile Advertiser, Commercial Advertiser, Columbian, on 3/20   On 3/23 in the Spectator and 3/27 Weekly Visitor

(Salemakers were invited because the Bakewells were sail makers. )

Also – we have always known there were 5 Robson children because Benjamin said he was one of 5 children – but we only had three.  Margaret is number 4 and the following is number 5.
1833 – Aug 1 On Wednesday Elizabeth Robson of apoplexy widow of the late Capt. Joseph Robson in the 51st year of her age.  Her friends, relatives and those of her brother in law Dr. Benj. Robson and those of her uncle Andre Mercein are invited to attend her funeral at half past four from her late residence no. 93 Gold St.

So – Margaret needs to have her name changed in your file and be attached to Mary Shier and her husband Benjamin Robson.  And Joseph Robson needs to be added to their children.

Still working on all this.


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