A few genealogy ramblings…..

My sister and I were in Ypsilanti Michigan recently researching the Tice and Shier families.  It occurred to me that possibly some people might not realize how productive researching deeds might be.  Twice we have had the experience of searching for deeds and finding unexpected things.  The first time we were researching the Gillespie family from Tecumseh MI and found the will information for RB Gillespie attached to the deed for his property.  We had looked for a will for him before but never found one in the probate records.  The will was attached to the deed because it specified that his property wouldn’t be distributed until after his wife died.  So when she died they attached the will to the deed for his property!

This time we were looking for deeds for Peter Tice (who we know almost nothing about) and found a power of attorney document.  It appointed him power attorney to manage the affairs of his sister Catherine (Caty) Tice Larzelere – who we didn’t know existed.  And in addition listed his brother Henry of New York City and a list of other “relatives” of Catherine Tice Larzelere.  She had no children so we are researching these “relatives” to find out how they are connected to the Tice family.

Anyway, the point of all this is you never know what you might find in the deeds registry or in the court house where your family once lived!

Another great discovery on that same trip was a photograph album with a bunch of old Shier pictures that had been deposited at the Ypsilanti Historical Society by Florence Roberts Shier in the 1940’s.  Just when you think you will never find anything on a family again – something new pops up.

Soon I will try to get some of the Tice information uploaded to my blog.


5 Responses to “A few genealogy ramblings…..”

  1. Jeff Shier Says:

    So Anne, How does one look up deeds? I would like to look up George William, Wayne and Wallace deeds in Ypsi, New Boston, Brighton and River Rouge. Also Houghton Lake come to think of it.

    • genealogygirl Says:

      The deed books are usually held in the county court house or other county building that houses the registrar of deeds. The index books are labled by years. You search for the first letter of the last name . Then find the column for the second letter of the last name. Look for the name – they are not alphabetical It will list a liber and page number. Then you find the book for that liber number which will be on different shelves than the inexes and go to the page number. Most of the books can be taken apart for copies but some have to be done on a large machine because they don’t come apart.

      Sometimes deeds are recorded many years after the fact so you have to check all the years.

  2. genealogygirl Says:

    You should be able to have access to them anytime the office is open.

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