I have added the death dates for the surnames beginning with C from Ruth McFetridge’s death book.  Sorry I am so slow – lots of other genealogy work going on.





  1. Linda Elsass(Lament) Says:

    I’ve been researching the Lament Family and have reached a dead end trying to find the grave sites for Robert Lament and his son Robert Lament I and his wife Nancy Crielman. Robert Sr. was a Covenanter, born in Scotland (1700’s?) and moved to Antrim County Ireland. Robert I was born there and married Nancy where they lived and died. Any suggestions on cemeteries in Antrim they may be buried in?

  2. genealogygirl Says:

    Do you have any idea where in Co. Antrim they lived? Any birth, marriage or death dates? I checked Emerald Ancestry and got nothing for Lament – I got one marriage for a Crielman – Mary Jane Crielman married George McCluney 5 Jan 1856 at Ballymena Second Presbyterian Church.

    Have you checked the Braid website cemetery listings? Many of the cemeteries in the Ballymena area are indexed there.

    Are you sure the name is not spelled Lamont sometimes? There are lots of Lamonts on Emerald Ancestry although they might be too late for what you are looking for. There are some Lamonts buried in Ballymoney Old Church cemetery but no Crielmans.

    • Linda Elsass(Lament) Says:

      I’m still studying your response (thank you), but all I know so far, is the following:

      Robert Lament I, was born in Scotland and being a Covenanter (google it), moved to Antrim County Ireland. I don’t know any dates or who he married as yet. Robert Lament II is Robert Ellis Lament born in 1773 in Antrim County Ireland. He married Nancy Creilman (born 1778) in 1798. They both died while living in Antrim County. I’m still looking for more about Robert Sr.

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