I have been wondering if there is a Canadian Shier out there that has a well documented file on the Shiers that came to Brock Ontario and would be willing to share the file and sources.  If so, I would love to post a descendant report with sources on my blog.  The Canadian Shiers came to Canada from Ireland later that my Henry Shier came to New York.  Although they are distantly related, it is impossible for me to spend the time to connect them and enter all of them in my file.  But it would be very interesting to have the information posted here.  I have plenty of Canadian information but not the sources to back it up.



2 Responses to “CANADIAN SHIERS”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Anne do you get an invitation to the Shier family reunion in Brock Ontario? There are a couple of Shier’s from that branch in my contacts and Facebook page.

  2. genealogygirl Says:

    Yes I usually do.

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