I have begun to transcribe a notebook of death dates we photographed while in Ireland in 2009.  The notebook belongs to Ruth McFetridge and was a list of dates for people who were friends or relatives of her husband William.  She kindly agreed to allow me to post the transcription on my blog.  I have so far done only the names beginning with A.  More to follow.  These deaths are mostly from recent years, very few are old dates.

Also, I changed how the Burnside and Aiken letters from Linda Holley were arranged on the blog and also added her list of names that are included in the letters.  Let me know if you have problems seeing them.


One Response to “NEW ADDITIONS”

  1. Kathleen Parks Perry Says:

    I believe this to be the Shier family from which I am descended. My grandfather was Wilbur Shier, married to Emma Haas. Their daughter, Joan Shier, was my Mother, who married Bernard James Perry. My daughter is Alexandra Shier Perry, born 06/23/1990.

    I so appreciated your efforts.

    Thank you, Kathleen

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