Walter Shier Book

I am aware of the Walter Shier information but have never seen a copy of it.  If you find a copy, I would love to have a copy.  I believe I was told once that a copy was at the Mormon Library in Utah but am not sure.


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  1. Larry Shier Says:

    If Utah does have the book you may be able to find out from your local LDS church as many have genealogy libraries open to anyone and they may even be able to order you some copies of some chapters although unlikely the entire book due to copyright laws. Try

    to find a genealogy center in your area.

  2. laurie wheeler Says:

    The earliest Shier history is likely that created by Dr. Walter C Shier of Uxbridge, Ontario in a manuscript written in 1917-1920, entitled ” A Family from Court Mattress: The Story of the Irish Palatines with Genealogical Tables of The Shiers of Brock”. Dr. Shier was assisted in the creation of the first 3 to 4 generations (Hans Adam Shier and his descendants) by a Mr. Wm T. Hinchy of Dublin, Ireland, who searched the Anglican Church records in Limerick, Ireland. Information for the balance of the generations was obtained written family records and interviews with living family members in the 1917-1920 time frame. Walter Shier’s work was donated to the Archives of Ontario and can be found on microfilm MS871 reel 18 as the “Shier of Brock Township”. This microfilm can be ordered through interlibrary loan from the Archives of Ontario (Canada) at:
    Walter Shier’s manuscript does contain some errors, but it is my belief that it is on the basis of Walter Shier’s original document that most Shier geneologies since 1920 have been built.

    Hope this is helpful!!

  3. Craig Shier Says:

    I have a three ring binder copy of the “The Story of the Irish Palentines with Geoneolgocal Tables of the Shiers of Brook” by Dr. Walter C Shier. I am looking to see if there is a hard bound version of the book. Also has the book been updated since 1988? I purchased my copy in 1977.

  4. Larry Shier Says:

    thank you Laurie was quite helpful. I borrowed the microfilm and transcribed a copy and made it a PDF format. it’s a handy reference but my line branches away pretty early from the generations he traced. so not as useful for source information as I”d hoped.

  5. Larry Shier Says:

    There s only a 3 ring binder copy, the book never actually published. My understanding is that Walter Shier’s wife made him promise not to publish it while she was alive as she did not want anyone in the family to know she was older than he. I do have some updates to the book which were written by Hazel Carlton. The portion of the book available on microfilm is posted on the site now as I transcribed it and provided a copy to the site admin. I’m working on transcribing the book in it;s entirety now (minus the updates) I will provide a copy to be posted on this site once it’s ready.

  6. Dan Shier Says:


    I’m a Shier from Canada and I’m interested to know what this research is about. My father is a Lawrence (Larry) Shier and his father was a Walter Shier.

    • genealogygirl Says:

      The Walter Shier book is transcribed here on my blog. Click on the link and you can read what he wrote.

  7. Larry Shier Says:

    Response to Dan Shier, my email is on the transcribed copy here on the site. What’s on here is the portions of Walter Shier’s book that’s available from the Ontario Archives. The full book is much larger. I would love to hear from you as I’ve been collecting data and sources on the Shier clan for a few years now.

  8. Craig Shier Says:

    I have the updates done by Stephanie (Shier) Outttirm,thru 1960s. I do not have a copy of the work that Hazel Carlton has compleeted, she wrote my father in 1988 but he did not respond to her inquary on our lineage. I would like to have a copy of her updates, as well as if a need for my lineage is still needed i will offer what I know. MY grandfather George D. Father George D. Jr. I’m Charles Craig Shier

  9. Craig Shier Says:

    Responce to Larry Shier of Aug 24,2010, This is the copy I have. Would like updates from the 60s.

  10. Larry Shier Says:

    Craig; I have moost of those updates, I haven’t gotten permission from Hazel to post them here. If you email me I’ll see if I can help you out.

    • Craig Shier Says:

      Larry, thank you, how would I go about getting your e-mail address, you can find me on facebook.

      • Larry Shier Says:

        my email is on the copy of Walter Sher book posted on this site I’ve added 2 Craig Shier’s on Facebook not sure if One is you.

  11. genealogygirl Says:

    It would be nice to have a comprehensive genealogy report on the Canadian Shier branch that could be posted on my blog. Although I have a lot of Canadian information, I have never entered it into my family tree program so I don’t have a way to make a report from it.


  12. Larry Shier Says:

    I’m still working on a comprehensive report. The data entry has proved to be daunting. I now have around 1700 persons and over 2000 source documents I’ve yet to even get to entering Walter C. Shier’s work and I’ve been working 50+ hours/week at my regular job. As soon as I get a bunch more entry dome you’ll be the first to get a copy Anne. I appreciate all the help you’ve given me.

  13. Tracy Shier Says:

    Before my father passed away in 1996, he and I were trying to trace our family tree and didn’t get too far. He was born in Winnipeg in 1928. His father’s name was Wilmot Oliver Shier. That’s all we have! This seems to be the place to go for Shier info – any would be greatly appreciated!

    Tracy Shier

    • Roger Shier Says:

      Tracy, this is rather late so I suspect you have the information you need. If your father, Wilmot Oliver Shier, was married in Kenora in 1918, I have the lineage back to Hans Adam Shier (my spelling). You would be a descendent of Jacob Shier and Ann Sparling of Brock Twp. You can post a reply or e-mail me at You would be Hans Adam’s GGGGG granddaughter.

      Roger Shier

  14. Larry Shier Says:

    Tracy,Craig and Dan: feel free to email me and put shier in the subject line and I’ll take a look through the files I have on the Canadian Shier’s and see what I can do to help out.

  15. Kathy Shier Says:

    It is written by Dr Walter Shier who lived in Uxbridge Ontario and I have provded the link to the online version.

    does any one have a digital copy of A Family from Court Matress?

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