More good news!

February 19, 2018

As many of you know, my sister and I have been involved with Northern Ireland research for many years.  I have now found that the Ballymena Family History Society has new leadership and a new Facebook page. I have been able to join their group on Facebook.  This is a group of people who are dedicated to helping others in their quest for Northern Ireland information.  I highly recommend you join them.  One of their members, Alistair McCartney was a blessing to us when we were trying to get all the burial books at the Braid photographed.  He was SO MUCH BETTER at it than we were!  Also the Northern Ireland Family History Society is a good group to become affiliated with.  They provide vital help in researching your family.

I will post some links to these groups as soon as I get my own membership sorted.  But I am sure google would be willing to help with that.

I am looking forward to gathering all the information that is available from these groups.  Although I must confess at the moment I am still focused on the scanning and labeling of all my research and that of my sister’s.  But we are making progress.  I am anxious to see if I get any hits from people who are interested in the Barney family information I posted this week.

Ireland is not the easiest place to trace a family so the fact that there are dedicated people there working on genealogy and willing to help is a great thing!



February 18, 2018

Hello everyone,

Well I am back to genealogy after being too busy to do much for quite some time.  I have decided to start adding the information I have for all my family names – which probably number 25-35 families.  It probably will not happen that I will get them all cleaned up and ready for anyone else to see, but I have made a start with the Barney family.

You will find the descendant report for my 6x great grandfather, William Barney, at the right under Barney Family.  I guess I should mention it is very long – 103 pages.

My sister and I worked for 3 weeks on cleaning up our file and getting ready to add it to this blog.  I am not promising it is all right, only that this is what our research shows.  Also I am not promising I found all the typos and duplicate notes and sources.   But we decided we need to start sharing more of our research before we aren’t here anymore and our kids throw it in the trash  🙂

Let me know if anyone finds errors in our research or anything else that needs to be changed.



Causeway and Glens Family History Conference

December 26, 2016


Possibly some of you would be interested in attending this conference.  I am sure it would be invaluable to researchers in Northern Ireland.


April 11, 2015

I have added a descendant report for my Morton family of Co. Antrim, N. Ireland at the right.




April 11, 2015

I have added Kate Connolly’s spreadsheet of tombstone transcriptions for Second Killymurris Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Glarryford, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland.  You will find them in the column to the right.

To request a copy of a tombstone picture please contact Kate at


Thank you to Kate for allowing me to add these transcriptions to my blog.





April 10, 2015

I finally added a descendant report for my Stevenson family of Kildowney, Co. Antrim N. Ireland.  You will find it at the right under Stevenson Family.


I will get the Morton family report on as soon as I can.




April 10, 2015

I have just added, under Ireland Records at the right, the transcription of stones in the First Killymurris Cemetery.  This transcription was done by Kate Connolly and she has very kindly allowed me to add it to my blog.  Should someone want a copy of the pictures she took to do the transcriptions, you can contact her at

Thank you very much to allowing me to add this to the blog Kate.


Killymurris 1st Church 1




March 3, 2015

I am adding pictures of some death cards from Ireland that Joy DeSantis took when she was there.  Thank you to Joy for allowing me to post them here.

You will find them at the right under Ireland Death Cards.

The following is a list of names and death years from the cards.  Some of the people I do have some information about, or at least have an idea of what family they belong to.  If anyone wants more information, just let me know.


Agnes (ADAMS) DUNLOP  1896

James STEVENSON 1900

James STEVENSON 1894

Rev. Isaac ADAMS 1887 (year not listed on death card – available elsewhere on line)

Elizabeth ADAMS DUNLOP 1882 (2 cards)

John DUNLOP 1893

Samuel ADAMS 1910

Margaret J. HANNA 1918

David GASTON 1982

Jane ADAMS  1893 (2 cards)

Elizabeth STEVENSON 1888

Robert LUKE 1924

David LINTON 1923

William PATTISON 1922



March 3, 2015

I have added a link at the right under genealogy websites to Dr. Walter Shier’s book.  It deals with the early history of the Shier family and then mostly concerns itself with the history of the Shiers in Canada.  Because of that my family is not actually in the book.  It is a very interesting read.  I hope you enjoy it.

An interesting Face Book experience.

February 6, 2015

So today I was informed that I am no longer part of the Ballymena Family History Group on Face Book. I am still laughing. Apparently because I don’t have time to post to the group or list my information I am not allowed to follow the conversations. I have never heard of a Face Book group like that. Who Knew??? I find nothing on the sign up page to tell me I had better post or else.

When I think of the hours of work my sister and I put into getting record books placed at the Braid museum, two trips from the U.S. to Ballymena to take pictures, record transcription, and recruiting Alistair Mccartney to redo the pictures and talking to him about spearheading the transcription project, I wonder if that wasn’t enough of a benefit to the Ballymena Family History Society to give me a pass into their little Face Book Group. Guess not. Am I insulted – yes. This doesn’t seem to me to be in the spirit of any genealogy group I have ever known.

The reason I am laughing is today I started thinking about the great newspaper clippings and death cards Kate Connelly has been adding to the Coleraine Branch FB page. I have some death card pictures from Ireland for families that I am not related to. I haven’t posted them on my blog because they are not my ancestors and I have been busy. So I thought I should maybe post them on the Ballymena FB page. Guess not.