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July 30, 2014

Day two in Dublin included the Guinness Storehouse, Christ Church and for some of us – more Temple Bar.  The Guinness tour is really interesting, even if I have done it twice before.  Just looking over Dublin from the dome on the top is work the admission.


I had never been inside Christ Church before. The inside was quite dark in many places so the pictures didn’t turn out too great.  There is a tile from from the original church that was really amazing.  Looking at things that are more than a thousand years old is hard to grasp.  They have tours of the church which would be work doing but we were there too late.  I would really recommend going on one of the tours.  This history is amazing.




In the evening Jacob, Jeff, Keith and I went to the Temple Bar area again.  We had a great dinner at Gogerty’s and then went down to the second floor and listened to some music.  Then on to the actual Temple Bar.  The two guys playing there were amazing.  Then as we were leaving a big group of guys playing bagpipes showed up and some came into Temple Bar and played.  It was really fun to see.

The Temple Bar area was filled with people in every pub, and every bit of the streets.  It was very lively and worth going down at night to see.

The next day we went to Newgrange and to the Kell’s Monastery.  Will post more about that soon as I get time.  But it would be worth
looking them both up on the internet.  They are truly amazing.

Newgrange and Kells

July 30, 2014

I am going to add a few more Ireland pictures.  The following pictures are from Newgrange which is a Stone Age passage tomb.  You can learn more here:

DSC_2197 DSC_2174

After Newgrange we went to Kells.  The book of Kells which is in Dublin was written here.  The round tower and the high crosses were amazing. IMG_1755 IMG_1762 IMG_1765

Arrived in Ireland

June 25, 2014

We we had a good flight to Dublin and survived trying to stay awake the first day. Got lots of sleep last night. Should anyone plan a trip to Ireland, I would be glad to give some pointers and ideas, especially for County Antim.

I will post a few pictures as we go along even though they won’t be genealogy pictures for the most part. If you want to see all of my pictures with my family etc. you can sign up for my travel blog.

These pictures are of the Temple Bar area in Dublin.









May 28, 2014

The Braid Museum has gotten the plot book and interment transcriptions up on their website!!  Take a look.  Lots of information. Look under Museum – Explore your Roots – Further Genealogical Resources.

Coming in the Fall on the Braid site will be a virtual churchyard trail of pre-reformation and Covenanter churches in the Borough.


Very exciting news!

Ballymoney Genealogy Conference

May 22, 2014

I just realized that the post I wrote with the information about the Ballymoney genealogy conference never got published.  So I am attaching the information sheet and the booking form for anyone who is interested in attending.  I have heard it is a wonderful event.  Unfortunately, my trip to Ireland is not at the same time.


It is only about 4 weeks until we leave for Ireland.  We already have a lot of things planned to do and cousins and friends to visit.  I am hoping my family loves it there as much as my sister and I.


I also just realized that I have my Shier descendant report on my blog but not my Mortons and Stevenson who came from Co. Antrim.  Sometime soon I will try to fix that and get the reports posted.



RBH 2014 INFO SHEET 27.02.2014

Ireland Trip

March 28, 2014

Well again it has been quite a while since I had time to add anything to the blog.  Life seems very busy.


My family and I are planning a trip to Ireland in June to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  I am not sure how that could be possible when I am so young!  Anyway it will be a sightseeing trip and visiting with cousins rather than a genealogy trip.  Although at this point I really don’t know what more to do there.


Unfortunately I will be there at a different time than the Ballymoney Family History Conference.  I would love to go sometime.  This year it is 24-27 September.  I thought some of you might be interested in planning a trip there to attend so I am posting the booking form and the information sheet.  You will find it in a folder on the right labeled Ballymoney Family History Conference.  It is a great conference and I am sure many would benefit from it.  If you have any questions, let me know and I am sure I can find the answers from Kate Connolly.

There is still no new information about adding the cemetery book information to the Braid website.  I am finding it very frustrating.  Many people worked hard on the transcriptions and still they are not available to people who need them.




January 20, 2014

Alistair McCartney has made a list of genealogy resources for researching Co. Antrim.  He has given me permission to include it on my blog.  You will find the list at the right under Ireland Records. 


January 10, 2014

Well I have gotten 4 more letters added to the death book transcription.  You will find the file at the right under IRELAND RECORDS.

I will work on more soon.

Clough Interments Update

January 10, 2014

It has been quite a while since I posted anything here.  I have been busy traveling and not doing much genealogy.  But I am back working on things again.  I will soon post more of the deaths in Ruth McFetridge’s death book.  I have J and most of K done so far.  I will post it when I get a little more done.

I HAVE UPDATED THE CLOUGH INTERMENTS – Kate Connolly did most of the updated indexing which I appreciate very much!  You will find the link at the right under IRELAND RECORDS.

As of yet, the Braid has not gotten any of the other cemetery indexes that are completed on their website.  I am hoping that will happen in the near future.






November 3, 2012

Many of you know of or have used Cyndi’s list.  It is invaluable to people researching their families and is free.  Cyndi Howell has worked more than full time for years compiling and editing her list.  A link to her list has always been on my blog page.

It seems that someone with a “for pay” site has copied her list and put it on their site.  Now, this is clearly illegal – but more than that it is immoral.  She is working with an attorney to have something done about it.  But until that happens, I hope everyone will go to her site and support her with words or money.

This is just intolerable.  Taking the hard work of someone and using it to make yourself a profit is horrible.

The genealogy community has always been very generous with help and with the transcribing of records for the benefit of all who are searching.  I hope whoever has done this will be shunned by the genealogy community as a whole.



Please support her in her quest to have the wrong corrected.



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